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ST Bar Table Ice Machine(cube ice)

Cube Ice
ST Series Bar Table Design
Ice Output: 60KG - 130KG

Product Details

Product Features

Equip big screen that could be easily operated, and using blue­light LED lighting system which looks elegant.

Efficient refrigeration system improves ice output capacity by 10%.

Using advanced noise reduction technology with noise lessened by 13%.

Composed of high quality stainless steel, beautiful, strong and durable.

Overall food-grade PE inner liner, approved by CE and NSF certification.

Product Parameters

Model Ice Output/24h Ice storage Power(W) Dimensions(LxWxH)mm
ST120S 60kg 45kg 220V/420W Make To Order
Length:700mm-2100mm Width:650mm-850mm
Height :800mm-850mm
ST150S 70kg 45kg 220V/490W
ST175S 80kg 45kg 220V/510W
ST210S 100kg 45kg 220V/750W
ST300S 130kg 45kg 220V/850W

The Maximum output is on this condition, Ambient temperature 21°C ,water temperature 12°C



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