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Big Capacity PB Blade Type Flake Ice Machine

Flack Ice
PB Series Blade Type
Ice Output: 1000KG - 2000KG

Product Details

Product Features

Adopt high working efficiency evaporator with high-power equipment.

Consistent good-shaped Ice output after ice maker turned on 10 minutes

Excellent in heating dissipation with air-cooling mode.

Compact design enables its widely usage in various application.

All components are well-known brands from USA, GERMANY AND FRANCE.

Adopt full-automatic micro-computer control, monitoring the machine through PLC.

Automatic alarming setting; Full automatic control.

Product Parameters

Model Ice Output/24h Ice storage Power(W) Dimensions(LxWxM)mm
PB1000T 1T 600kg 380V/4800W 1225 X 910 X 2010
PB1500T 1.5T 600kg 380V/7300W 1255 X 910 X 2010
PB2000T 2T 600kg 380V/8500W 1500 x1100 x2340

The Maximum output is on this condition, Ambient temperature 21°C ,water temperature 12°C

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