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PB Blade Type Flake Ice Machine

Flack Ice
PB Series Blade Type
Ice Output: 185KG - 480KG

Product Details

Product Features

Small-size flake ice machine which is in beautiful, strong and durable design.

Ice come out constantly after power on 10 minutes, well performance with beautiful ice shape.

Excellent in heat radiation with stable performance.

Reasonable product structure in space-saving design which widely used in various kind of places.

All spare parts are well-known brands from USA, GERMANY AND FRANCE.

Adopt full-automatic micro-computer control, monitoring the machine through PLC.

Automatic alarming setting; Full automatic control.

Product Parameters

Model Ice Output/24h Ice storage Power(W) Dimensions(LxWxH)mm
PB200T 185kg 240kg 220V/1338W 780 X835 X1725
PB300T 285kg 240kg 220V/1662W 780 X835 X1725
PB500T 480kg 240kg 220V/1769W 780 X835 X1725

The Maximum output is on this condition, Ambient temperature 21°C ,water temperature 12°C

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