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LB-TY Crescent Modular Ice Machine

Crescent Ice
LB-TY Series Modular Design
Ice Output: 150KG - 230KG

Product Details

Product Features

Full 304 stainless steel body design with thicker insulation.

Larger ice storage and high output capacity could heavy ice consumption requirement.

Ice is not easy to melt with excellent taste.

Water-flow type double surface ice-making.

Vertical ice tray type; Power-saving.

Overall food-grade PE inner liner, approved by CE certification.

Computer real-time monitoring.

Detected and restored automatically.

Product Parameters

Model Ice Output/24h Ice storage Power(W) Dimensions(LxWxH)mm
LB400TY-C 150kg 200kg 220V/950W 770x 880 X 1705
LB600TY-C 230kg 200kg 220V/1250W 770x 880 X 1705

The Maximum output is on this condition, Ambient temperature 21°C ,water temperature 12°C

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