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LB Vertical Self-Container Water-Flowing Ice Maker(cube ice)

Cube Ice
LB Series Classic Self-Container Design
Ice Output: 27KG - 60KG

Product Details

Product Features

Full 304 stainless steel body design with thicker insulation.

Push - up door compact design is suitable for small space use with elegant appearance.

Front air inhaling & discharge and opening hole design on side panel bring better heat dissipation performance.

Easy to clean and extend the service life of the machine.

Industry-leading copper nickel ice lattice evaporator could shorten ice making and loading time.

Using advanced noise reduction technology with noise lessened by 15%.

Overall food-grade PE inner liner approved by CE certificate.

Product Parameters

Model Ice Output/24h Ice storage Power(W) Dimensions(LxWxh)mm
LB55S-C 27kg 16kg 220V/260W 500×460×780
LBBOS-C 40kg 16kg 220V/330W 500×460×780
LBlOOS-C 50kg 21kg 220V/430W 500×585×780
LB120S-C 60kg 21kg 220V/445W 500×585×780

24 hours ice output test conditions: Ambient temperature 25 °C, water temperature 16°C


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