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IB Economic Modular Water-Flowing Ice Maker(cube ice)

Cube Ice
IB Series Economic Modular Design
Ice Output: 160KG - 1000KG

Product Details

Product Features

Computer real-time monitoring.

Detected and restored automatically.

Easy operation.

Safe and reliable.

Product Parameters

Model Ice Output/24h Ice storage Power(W) Dimensions(LxWxH)mm
IB350T-C 160kg 140kg 220V/850W 570 X 890 X 1650
IB450T-C 200kg 140kg 220V/950W 570 X 890 X 1650
IB550T-C 250kg 200kg 220V/1100W 770 X 910 xl725
IB700T-C 300kg 200kg 220V/1400W 770 X 910 X 1865
IBl000T-C 450kg 200kg 220V/1900W 770 X 910 X 1865
IB1300T-C 600kg 200kg 200V/2000W 1250 X 940 X 1960
IB1500T-C 700kg 600kg 380V/3000W 1250 X 940 X 1960
IB1950T-C 900kg 600kg 380V/4500W 1250 X 940 X 2055
IB2200T-C 1000kg 600kg 380V/5400W 1250 X 940 X 2055

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