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DB Modular Water-Flowing Ice Maker(cube ice)

Cube Ice
DB Series Modular Design
Ice Output: 135KG - 450KG

Product Details

Product Features

Food grade 304 stainless steel body with patternless processing.

The inside edge and corner adopts rounded corner, it is good for fetching and cleaning.

The total height is 760mm, which is suitable for the bar and space saving.

Foaming layer separates ice making area from the outside environment, which insures good insulation effect and energy-saving.

Main components-such as the water distribution pipe, water pump and water tank-can be disassembled without any tools, it is easy to be inspected and maintained.

Reposed air strainer can be disassembled and installed easily, which could protect the condenser well, improve the ice making efficiency, extend the longevity of the equipment, reduce maintenance expense and operating cost.

Product Parameters

Model Ice Output Ice storage Power Dimensions(LxWxH)mm
DB320A 135kg 140kg 220V/850w 580 x 850 x 1550mm
DB430A 160kg 140kg 220V/1350W 580 x 850 x 1550mm
DB510A 225kg 200kg 220V/1190W 770 x 880 x 1615mm
DB710A 310kg 200kg 220V/1520W 770 x 880 x 1705mm
DB1050A 450kg 200kg 220V/2230W 770 x 880 x 1820mm

24 hours ice output test conditions: Ambient temperature 25 °C, water temperature 16°C

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