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DB Vertical Self-Container Water-Flowing Ice Maker(cube ice)

Cube Ice
DB Series Self-Container Design
Ice Output: 45KG - 115KG

Product Details

Product Features

Double higher ice storage capacity compared with other suppliers.

Patents on the control mode of making ice, maintenance is more convenient.

WIFE connection is available.

The inhaling and venting design from front panel ensures good heat dissipation.

Product Parameters

Model Ice Output Ice storage Power Dimensions(LxWxH)mm
DB95A 45kg 30kg 220V/380W 530 x 610 x 750mm
DB125A 60kg 30kg 220V/420W 530 x 610 x 750mm
DB175A 80kg 55kg 220V/550W 680 x 660 x 970mm
DB215A 100kg 55kg 220V/630 W 680 x 660 x 970mm
DB255A 115kg 55kg 220V/750W 680 x 660 x 970mm

The height of the machine includes the height of foot.

Each model of ice maker has two optional feet: one is lower feet with height 10mm, the other is higher feet with height of 135-165mm.

115V/60HZ is available.

24 hours ice output test conditions: Ambient temperature 25 °C, water temperature l6°C

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